Lord of Love

“Religious people find God useful. Christians find God beautiful.”  – Tim Keller

Love at first sight. Best friends that become lovers.  Love happens differently for many, but love is love. We can know someone inside and out and we can actually despise them. We can see someone for the first time and know we can never live our lives again without them. 

Knowing someone is great!  If my husband and I had been married for thirteen years and I still didn’t know what made him tick and why he acted as he did, something would be dreadfully wrong. If I have been a believer since the age of four and God and I had not been through some struggles, if there had not been times that I shook my fist at him, and if there had not been times that I collapsed into his arms, if I did not understand him and trust him now more, and if we had not grown more intimately, something would be dreadfully wrong. 

Love is life together. The hard times and the good. The crash diets, disappointing Christmases, life achievements, miracle babies, and moving away. If I only pull God out when times are hard, if I only sing to him on Sundays, if I only praise him in the good and not the bad, then I only have religion, I do not have a relationship with the King of Glory. 

We love a good love story. No one doubts the love of the newly wed because their love is young. There is no sliding scale that says that those that have been married longer are more in love. A wretched fool can give their life to Jesus and be just as head over heels for him as the aged veteran that has walked a lifetime with him. 

I am so in love with Jesus!  And the best thing about love is that it only gets better!


10 thoughts on “Lord of Love

  1. Wonderful words Caroline. A beautiful reminder that the greatest love we can give is our love for God. It is the greatest and easiest love to receive. I thank God every day for His blessings and His reminders that He is always there, even for the doubtful.

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