Love Changes Things, to the culture of Bruce Jenner

There was a bracelet, and bumper sticker, and hat, and pencil case design that was quite popular a few years ago and still mingles in Christian bookstores. WWJD?  

WWJD?  What Would Jesus Do?  I am sure it was started with great intention and that IS a great question to consider. HOWEVER, it was used as a pointing finger to say, “tisk tisk, shame on you. That was bad. Jesus would be so ashamed of you.”

But that is no new idea. Christians have been pointing that finger for quite some time. Some of them pointing that finger have a log so big in their eye that I would wonder if they have ever seen the love of Jesus at all and perhaps they are claiming Christianity when they have no concept of grace at all. Others, I truly believe are Christians, but yet again, do not allow the love and grace of Jesus to really change them. 

So, what would Jesus do?  What would he say to this world?  WHAT WOULD HE SAY TO BRUCE JENNER? 

Well, what did he say to the world?  What are the words of Jesus?  WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY?  What does the Holy Spirit say?

First, he would throw his arms around Bruce Jenner and give him a hug. He would tell him to come down from that Sycamore tree and he would go to his house for dinner. JESUS CAME TO SEEK AND TO SAVE THE LOST.  I am just going to go out on a limb, that I usually don’t climb on, and say that Bruce is lost. 

But don’t get me wrong here, or more importantly, don’t get Jesus wrong!  I am not of the live and let live crowd. I am not crying that he is brave and courageous. What in the hell people?!  What he is doing is for no one but himself!  It is nothing but selfish. That is the only word to define what is going on there. And here we see the other side of Jesus that people don’t like to talk about. 

Remember the Jesus running through the temple pushing over tables?  He was not really a PC kind of guy. If Jesus walked around loving all day, why did the leaders hate him so?  Why was he tortured and crucified?

So, when I hear about Bruce Jenner, I feel nothing but sadness for him. How empty and lost and horrible his life is. He is the definition of someone that does not know peace and true love. Bruce, being a woman is not going to fix your life. The new media attention, the popularity, it will all vanish. It is nothing. What is next to fill your void?  Nothing will fit the shape of that hole in your heart except Jesus. This life is between you and God. And you need Jesus. You need to live for something bigger than yourself. You need to know truth. And you need to know the love of your Creator that made you and loves you beyond what you can imagine. 

But I don’t stop there, I turn to the crowd that is encouraging and applauding his despicable behavior and I call them a brood of vipers. Not only are they harmful to Bruce, they are leading our country in a new trend that will have consequences. How tragic!

So, what is the answer?  How can we stop the downward spiral?  There is one answer and only one answer:  JESUS. 


69 thoughts on “Love Changes Things, to the culture of Bruce Jenner

        • Thank you so much Robin! A local pastor spoke of my book recently and said, “Who would title a book Beautiful Life with Cancer? Someone that intimately knows Jesus.”
          And that is ALL I want in my life JESUS. our ways are not his ways. While I want comfort and luxury, God almighty knew that Cancer would benefit me. I have routinely been at the point where Jesus is all I have and I have seen the reality that he is all I need. So, when things are going well and I get to reflect on culture and life, I can see that suffering has been a gift to show me things for what they really are. It took a long time (I am a 19 year survivor) for me to be open about my story. But when I let Jesus speak, he fills me and it is him speaking, his chosen story and creation. Not mine.

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              • No, I think it’s a very questionable choice to exploit a disease in this way. You get to cast stones and then hide behind the disease, because you know no one wants to be unkind to someone who’s ill.


                    • No. I didn’t. I have a blog from the perspective of a Cancer patient that has been through hell on this earth. I have wrestled with God and found that he is the only hope that I have in this life. I screw up all the time. I am by no means afraid to admit that, read around my blog. I love the Bible and I love to write. I wrote about this world from a Biblical perspective, giving hope to others that have suffered and are willing to admit that they are in need of Jesus. I welcome disagreement. I am glad you read enough to form an opinion. Cancer is not something that I chose. After 19 years of surviving a rare and cruel form of cancer, only recently have I openly shared my story. Being a cancer patient has given me no sympathy in others voicing their opinion. Read around and you will see that i hate when I am treated differently. I have been criticized, insulted, and physically threatened. I claim to screw up daily and I claim that I am physically weakened by Cancer. The point being any strength in me is Christ. I am not afraid to talk about my Cancer story but it is a story that I wish I never had. Claiming that as a benefit is only because you have no clue the hurt it has caused me. Oh, perhaps I shouldn’t mention “my disease” in my response. But I do not need your sympathy, that you are not offering. Please feel free to disagree, to insult, and judge me. I welcome the challenge and differing opinion.

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                    • Now that was a very good answer.
                      I think the Jenner post is unkind. I imagine people in that position go through a whole lot of suffering. I don’t see how piling it on is helpful to them or their families. And not everyone finds religion helpful in their lives, so it shouldn’t be pushed on them or act as a measure of reference for people who don’t want it in their lives.


                    • Nah. He likes the publicity, why else would he be featured on vanity fair and every other media possible. And “pushing my religion on him”? To him, I only stated that my God loves him. But yeah, sometimes truth is unkind. Sometimes I am unkind. I admit. But please, call me out on it. I say it as I would say it to Jenner if I was talking to him. There is something I welcome with your comments: thought. I think more people should think before letting emotions control them and say things that others are afraid to say, you did.

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  1. I love the way you put these things. The one thing I disagree with though is your assessment of Jesus not always being loving. He spoke the truth, which people don’t always like. Sometimes the truth hurts, but He spoke it because He loved.

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    • Yes. Very true perspective. I do agree with you. Discipline and turning over tables in the temple is loving because it is right and it is best. Thank you for pointing that out. I did not word it very well. I should have specified that sometimes love hurts


  2. The scariest thing is the “new trend” that we are seeing. People are being duped big time. Also, it’s sad that the Christian POV will be either shoved aside or buried by the media. It really shows how low our society has sunk. But we are still the light of the world. And you are shining yours, girl! Thanks for the post!

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  3. Thank you so much for saying this so well. I for one, am sick of hearing about this whole thing. Every time I turn on my computer, all I see is articles about this man. He truly is lost and confused and now, encouraged because of all the attention. It is SAD. Truly sad. I was pondering a post about this as well, but you did it so well. Thank you!

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  4. Frankly, you lost me early on when you talked about those who judge others, and made yourself the exception. Matthew 7, I believe. You proceed to judge without saying what is the problem, other than YOU think he is selfish and YOU think it’s despicable. How is he selfish? He used his God-given talents and won Olympic gold; he acted as a man and married — three times! — fathered and raised his kids and Kris’s, too; and he remains a loving parent. So, where’s the “selfish”? He is spiritual, church-going, and, amazingly, a Republican, so this was not an easy choice he reached at age 65. Where’s the “selfish”? And who are you to determine what would make him happy!? Last, you are in. The crowd that determines who is actually Christian — but isn’t Jesus, who sits at the right hand of the Father, truly the Judge??


    • I think you might be a little confused. You re-framed the argument so that she was attacking Jenner. When what she said was ” What he is doing is for no one but himself! It is nothing but selfish.” The key words are “is doing” (the action) and “it is” reference of the action. She didn’t say “He is nothing but selfish.” She was describing the action. A person can do something without having that action define them as a person. She is free to have an opinion about the actions that he is committing without somehow trying to usurp God’s authority. Are we not allowed to have an opinion and express it?

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  5. Good post Caroline. Yes I agree with you – the detestable things of our country are now becoming the acceptable things. Let’s call it what it is sin. There is no other word for it. The only answer as you say to our negative spiral is JESUS!

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  6. What I have to remind myself is that it is the Holy Spirit that convicts people of sin and judgment. Sometimes I’m not sure how to deal with people and where giving my opinion is appropriate or inappropriate. I just recall the scripture that says that we should be quick to listen and slow to speak. If a person is going to be convicted of changing it is going to be the Holy Spirit that causes them to change. All I can do is just try to live a life which is sensitive of the Holy Spirit. The world will fall apart but God’s kingdom will endure forever.

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  7. I must add my two cents here after reading a few other comments given to you. More and more this world is changing and not for the good. It is staggering to think of what our grandchildren will have to live among and what they will have to deal with all around them. However, God is not surprised by any of this and He is still ruler of all things, and one day every knee will bow to Him as scripture says. It is heartbreaking to see the extent that people will go to in order to fill a void and find meaning for their lives. It is heartbreaking to see the extent of the violation of Gods’ holy laws in our society. As we continue to hear the world calling evil things good, it should bring us all to our knees for His Kingdom to come …… and soon! Yes, Jesus would love the broken and the lost, but He would also speak truth into their lives, as you said. He calls us all to repentance and righteousness. Where is the righteousness and the holiness in our land? Where is the submission to God and His authority? And by the way, scripture (the Apostle Paul) does command us to “judge with a righteous judgement”. That means it is okay to call sin ….. sin, but we aren’t to judge the thoughts and intentions of anothers’ heart. We are to use our discerning faculties to decide between what is right and wrong. That is not the kind of judging that scripture warns against. Far too often, people use that line to protect sin in their lives, or to keep themselves from taking a courageous stand, or to turn the tables away from themselves onto the other person who is trying to pull them out of darkness. In saying that, those thoughts and intentions of our hearts eventually come out in words and deeds anyways. People are not afraid to hide their sin anymore, and what’s worse is that they want applause for it. That is very corrupt and evil indeed! They are in the grip of Satan. 😦

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    • Amen! So very well said. Yes! I live and will think a lot about how you defined righteous judgement! I absolutely agree with you. Call sin what it is but do not judge the heart.

      Come Lord Jesus! Come soon!

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      • Caroline, just so you know. I was not trying to “put you in your place”. I was trying to defend you to one of your critics. I am so sick of hearing people use “thou shalt not judge” as an excuse for sin, whether in their lives or others. Blah! Yes, come Lord Jesus, come! xo Hugs. πŸ™‚

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  8. *I heard Bruce Jenner talk and I feel that he is confused and that this is sad to make y9urself over like that. If he goes all the way in this surgery even some gay people call it self mutilation. He could be sorry after this.


  9. Amen…I try so hard to be like Jesus, showing love, compassion and grace…I try, I fail, I pray, I fall, I get up and try again…how anyone in this world even survives without knowing Jesus I will never know. I feel so sorry for Bruce Jenner, I do, but I am so tired of hearing about him. He is being blasted everywhere as a hero by the world or being torn to smithereens by “Christians” I dont believe Jesus would do either. He needs prayer not bashing or idolizing. Your blog is amazing, you are amazing. Thank you for all you write.

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  10. Reblogged this on Wonder Of My Worlds and commented:
    I am sad for one person in all of this and it’s the one thinking they can speak for Jesus. I normally would never reblog anything this negative but I am a Christian and I can tell you that I am saddened. To say people encouraging him to be himself is harmful? That’s a shame. This isn’t a trend, it’s someone’s life. Let’s start accepting everyone for who they are and who they want to be if it’s their best version of themselves rather than judge them or put them down for not being who we want them to be. I hope you never have to face anything that makes you eat your words. I’m sorry if this is harsh and I am all for people speaking what they feel but I am proud of Caitlyn Jenner and I hope that one day you will find it in your heart to never judge, always love and spread kindness just the way Jesus taught us to. πŸ’›


  11. I love this! What so many people are forgetting is that inside of Jenner there is a little boy, so wounded and broken. It’s not kind or courageous to ignore that little guy that got so damaged, he seeks to try and become someone else entirely. That is pain deep within his soul that only the Great Physician can heal.

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  12. I agree with most everything you’ve said, and I like how you were able to put it. I, too, am saddened when I see news about him, for the reasons you said.
    I’ve never commented countering what I’ve read, but since I did like the post, I wanted to bring it up… I don’t agree with that he did it for selfish reasons, and only that – I haven’t read anything about it, so I don’t disagree – I’m just not sure what his reasons were.

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  13. I don’t see how it is any more selfish for Caitlyn to be herself, than it is for me to be a heterosexual female. Honestly, if God created Bruce, did he intend for him to spend his whole life pretending to be someone other than who he felt he was (Caitlyn) on the inside? If so, then you and I differ on our concept of God. I had a pastor tell me once, “Keep in mind that the Bible was written by men with an agenda (whether that was a Godly agenda, or not. But it was then translated over and over again by other men with agendas of their own (Godly or not).” We have to be true to what we believe our God wants for us. You are entitled to your opinion, but Caitlyn is not being selfish. She feels she is truly a better person as Caitlyn than she ever was as Bruce. And from what I’ve read, Bruce was an extraordinary human being. No one is being hurt. His family supports him completely. And if you are entitled to your opinion, then Caitlyn and I are entitled to ours, as well. If it’s sinful, then God will judge her and me. No one else need do it. Pray if you like, but if being yourself is sinful, then who are you to judge? Are you not being yourself?

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  14. So where does this leave me, a Christian who has chased Jesus for 21+ years, who made sure that every move in my life was approved by God?

    Do I explain having the same BSTc as the average female simply sin? Do I explain that estrogen cured my anxiety and depression because I’m in sin?

    In John 9, the disciples asked Jesus, “Teacher, who sinned, this man or his parents that he is blind? Jesus answered them, “Nobody sinned. This was done for the glory of God.”

    God doesn’t make mistakes. If He makes someone blind so that His name can be glorified, then who are we to say that He would never make someone transgender in order for Him to be glorified? I used to be scared of being chosen for that path, now I’m excited for it because I get to glorify Him living authentically. #FoodForThought

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  15. I will not lie and say being transgender has been spiritually easy for me. I go to an LGBT+ church group hosted by the United Reformed Church, and last week the national speaker of the URC paid us a visit. He did not condemn in so many words, but gave a stern little speech on how the big problem with modern society is people being very individual-minded, and choosing paths that cut them off from traditional social duties (hint hint). I doubt anyone in that room was not personally affected by that.

    Unfortunately, taking it from our perspectives, things just don’t seem that simple. Gay members of the group have tried heterosexual marriage (with predictably disastrous results), while I (the only MtF trans member) have tried cis-normative relationships and once even joined a church men’s group that was specifically meant to make a more alpha male out of me (and didn’t, largely because it introduced me to the seething prejudice of one particular Ugandan Christian member, if anything pushing my further in the opposite direction). Being honest about being trans has, at any rate, made me less morose and isolated (People at work are often commenting on how I am now easier to talk to and a lot less sullen). But does that justify it? I could never answer that. I just know that there is no escape from sin in trying to bury it again.

    Damned if I do, damned if I don’t? Possibly, but not for me to second guess the Book of Life.


  16. Dearest Caroline, I say this as someone who has read your words time and again, who has deeply connected with your experience in faith, and who respects – nay, applauds – your brazen passion for God. I disagree that it is sin and I disagree that it is for selfish reasons that Ms. Jenner has transitioned. For you and me, as women who were born women and who feel comfortable* within our own bodies, it is a privilege we enjoy to not understand what a transgendered person goes through, experiences, and feels. I personally don’t get it; I don’t understand how it works, how God can “make a mistake” as it were, or how one can choose his/her own identity after being given a distinct one. But I know that that’s because I am blessed to feel at least not in conflict with my gender identity. So I can’t possibly understand. What I do know, though, is that Caitlyn Jenner is being true to herself for the first time in her life, and is probably feeling saved from the deep depression and isolation she has previously felt from living a lie. I believe that this is God’s work through her. I don’t think anyone who transitions from one gender to another thinks that their new life will make anything any better or easier; certainly she is open to more ridicule and criticism now than ever before, and in coming out has risked losing her entire family. But we are called to live our truths in this life, and I believe she is living hers. God loves her not despite this fact but probably because of it.

    I just wanted to respond to this, because I felt the need to after seeing everyone else agree. Yes – you are so right that nothing (not a single thing) can fill anyone’s God-shaped hole. We should seek our source in all things for fulfillment. But gender and sexuality are not about choice or even satisfaction, but about truth. I encourage you to dialogue with a transgendered person or two, and ask them questions if you have them. You might be surprised to learn what their intentions and stories and beliefs are.

    With love and an open heart ~ Bonni

    *by comfortable I don’t mean we love, or even mildly tolerate, the way we look physically, but that we have never had to question whether our souls were placed in the right containers.


    • Thank you Bonni for the discussion. I really do appreciate your comments. It is simply a place where we can agree to disagree and I am ok with that. I do have transgender friends and I am pleased to call them friend.


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