The Bend

Living his life for something bigger than himself, but an unworthy cause, he lives for the destruction of as many as possible. He will bow.

The mother and the father, the rich man that always gave orders and was obeyed, the addict living on the street. They will bow.

The old man that spent his days serving others. The lady that could never get enough. The Hollywood actress, the NBA star, and the politician. They too will bow.

Those that find in their humility their great strength and those that their strength will be broken. Some will fall in obedience and some will be forced. Knees will fall in love and adoration and others in agony and regret. 

But with a mighty blow, none will hide. From every country, every race, every class, every age, and every nation, all will bow. 

They will fall to their knees in terror or in praise, but they will bow and they will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. 


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