LOVE. I’m in love, love, love!

It’s been a while since the wedding. I rarely ever show off my ring. No longer do we exchange mail by the campus box. I often take you for granted or get angry about the little things. But even more than then, I’m in love!  Now, you have loved me through the past, the present, and promised me your future. Our love and our life has been tested, pushed to the limits, and abused. And now more than ever, I can still say, “I choose you.”

The birth announcements have been forgotten. Rarely, do we get the whole day to sit and cuddle. You are too big for me to hold you up to my cheek and rock you and hold you. School mornings I get rushed, much too often you are hushed. But no longer it is just the excitement of you in my life. If all the kids in the whole world were lined up and I got to choose, I’d walk the line until I found the one that belonged to me, because more than ever, I’m madly in love with you.

I was so little when I prayed that sinners prayer. So many times I’ve failed you, so many times I did what I thought I never could do. Denied, turned away, and chose sin to cling to. My Bible mostly unread, demon voices whisper in my head, and my gifts tossed and desposed. But still, despite it all, my Deliverer, you are so wildly, so passionately in love with ME!  My JESUS, even more today, I am so in love with you!


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