“The Church is Full of Hypocrites.”  Oh, it is Far Worse. 

I refuse to go to church!  I do not want to be like them!  I saw a youth pastor cheat on his wife.  I saw someone in need turned away. I was not accepted. They are a bunch of hypocrites!

Jesus took my hand, “Oh, sinner, the people of the church are far worse than hypocrites.  They are liars, murderers, adulterers, thieves, and cheaters.  They are who I came to save.”

The church is a spiritual hospital, Rush in those having a soul attack, nurse them back to health, and begin rehab. The church is the prisoner set free. The church is one big party, a family reunion, a parade and celebration. 

Is this not your experience?  Many wolves will dress in sheep’s clothing and many strangers will call “Lord, Lord.” And he will answer, “I do not know you.”  There are many pastors and congregations that do not know the Gospel.

The Gospel is grace. The Gospel is those that have sinned will be set free. Those that think they have it all figured out, those that are righteous, those that are proud need not attend. 

But the church, the real church, is sinners being set free. Our churches are overflowing with the worst of sinners. And that is the way it should be.  


56 thoughts on ““The Church is Full of Hypocrites.”  Oh, it is Far Worse. 

  1. Great read and great truths. I remember before I was saved thinking about how those church members and pastors where all “hypocrites”. Out in the world doing the same things that they were telling me not to. Thank God he saved me and showed me what a church family really is.

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  2. Thank you so much for this post. My husband is an ordained minister and does the work of an evangelist but we do not have a home church or attend a local assembly. The ‘church’ as people call it will not accept us. The pastors are afraid that he’s after their pulpit for his own or worse, their weekly paycheck. When I became ill and could no longer perform to others expectations of me or attend each time the doors were open, the church family abandoned us. He’s spoke with pulpit committees many times only to find they prefer someone that will teach and preach the watered down Word of God or compromise his beliefs to accept open sin because it is more profitable for the weekly coffers. In the world, when you are treated badly by the unsaved, it is to be expected and most times you can understand their reason why. But when a brother and sister in Christ rejects you that is a horrendous hurt and one that shouldn’t happen. I’m not perfect by any means but thank the Lord I am saved by His grace. I believe in Romans 8:28 and feel the Lord allowed me to experience such hurt to teach me how not to treat others. We are not anyone’s Holy Spirit; it is our job to share the Gospel message with them and then step back out of the way. I only wish more people would realize that fact because in reality they seem to do more harm than good to His cause.

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    • I appreciate and like your comment.
      My experience is to know that I was made by a perfect GOD who can’t make mistakes, so being, and since HE made Me, He made me perfect, for HIS purpose, and HE removed the chance of Me altering HIS perfection by sending HIS SON first to deal with death, then after HIS resurrection, he sent HIS WHOLY SPIRIT, to garantee My everlasting life.


    • AMEN AND AMEN Now that you have found the true church, and realize that Your body is The only temple of GOD, now it think that You are ready to assist any congregation so that others can see the SPIRIT OF GOD in your church.

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  3. I learnt by bitter experience to tie my faith tightly to Jesus alone, never a church or denomination. Wherever there is humanity, no matter how sincere or motivated, there will always be mistakes, sin, and hurtful behavior, because though our spirits may be saved we are all .still in the flesh (and it screws up a lot). I found in judging others I judged myself too.
    If our faith is in Jesus we can never be stumbled for He alone is perfect (the wonder is that He loves us so!) God bless for all these profound and heart felt renderings.

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    • My FAITH IS: To know that this body was created perfectly for a specific reason and that reason is only known by GOD. Knowing that, gives Me the freedom of accepting any experience in this life form, as part of HIS plan, because I don’t know what I was made for, I only need to know that GOD is in control and HIS THOUGHTS AND WAYS are not mine, and that HIS plans for this world are WAY…… greater than what I can imagine. TO ME……THAT IS FAITH

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    • CHRIST came to get rid of the churches, as we know them, HE came to establish a UNIVERSAL CHURCH, and that church is Your Body, THE TEMPLE IF THE WHOLY SPIRIT. If the congregation that we know as Church were, the congregation of Temples, There would be harmony because every temple would tell about their experiences with the spirit that they carry within.


  4. Love this! Its sad that people are quick to judge what they don’t open their hearts to understand. We shouldn’t judge… all of us need Jesus. Our Pastor Ed Young had a series about being hypocrites. It was amazing & a perfect way to invite those who say we’re hypocrites.

    I love that our saying at Fellowship Church is “Fellowship is the PERFECT church for IMPERFECT people!”

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  5. I believe we began to have problems with the Church when the word began to mean nothing more than the walls of a tall modeled building. Christ’s body is the Church and Worship is in our day-to-day life. Religion is banished. Salvation is indispensable. Holiness is irreplaceable.

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  6. If you look at the people within the church you will call them hypocrite (which I also agree) but the church as an institution — let’s not be led by the people within the church but rather by what the church represent. One cannot fault an institution that God himself established.
    Let us also not forget that we go to church to seek God’s counsel, in his place of worship because we believe we will find comfort there, not for anyone else. We are free to purge ourselves of the sins committed — between you and God.
    If you let others affect you because you felt rejected I am sure there are other churches that can welcome you — it’s a matter of finding the right fit.


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  7. Beautifully written! I am always trying to explain that the reason Jesus came to save us is because he knew we would never be perfect nor measure up to enter Heaven. We are all broken and church is a way to re set us and get us back on track. pastors are put on pedestals all the time , however they are just as human as you and I and fall from grace just the same. Praise God. Thank you for this post !

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  8. Interesting because yes when we enter the door and approach the son of God we are sinners but remember Jesus spoke of repentance and then leaving the sin behind so the challenge isn’t finding our way but living up to our side of the agreement – forgiveness is for those who work in harmony with Christ not just those who ask for forgiveness.

    Hypocrisy is an issue but we all serve God not the Church – the bible doesn’t say draw close to the church and God will draw close to you but it says draw close to God and he will draw close to you.

    The power in the Bible is its ability to reflect how God changes lives.

    Good post again

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    • The power in the bible is to show how GOD
      CHANGED THE WORLD through CHRIST and in that transformation, YOU, were included weather you accept him or not. The same way sin did not come only for those who accepted it. Salvation doesn’t come only to the ones who accept CHRIST. If we don’t know what we did to be sinners, how can we know what to do to be saved? ADAM SINNED to introduce death, as a way of relief for the immortal sinners. CHRIST DIED to end the power of DEATH as a relief for sin. When HE resurrected death had no more power because CHRIST defeated it, and HE ROUSE TRIUMPHANT. And with HIS victory came the reward of everlasting life. Now this body is not part of us, it is ” temple” just the vehicle in which the wholly Spirit manifest ITS existence.


  9. IT is sad to see how churches continue to promote de idea of SIN, and then preach that CHRIST died to eradicate SIN. If CHRIST GOT RID OF SIN WHY DO YOU STILL PREACH ABOUT IT IN YOUR CHURCHES? The Gospel is not to teach us to live a winless life it is supposed to show us to live a triumphant life. The life that we now have has nothing to do with SIN, because of ADAM all were made SINNERS, and because of CHRIST WE ALL WERE JUSTIFIED. Teaching about SIN, is compared to eating of the fruit of knowledge, the more you eat the worst you feel. Every new idea or knowledge, that you learn, is evaluated as good or bad and as you do so, it causes the individual to auto evaluate his condition as SINNER or SPECIALLY BLESSED,( better than the sinners). And that kind of situations are what create the ilussion of self worth. sin make you feel further from GOD. We don’t need to accept GOD because we were born with the blessing of the WHOLY SPIRIT and that blessing came when CHRIST RESURRECTED. At that point in human history, the newly borne were NEW CREATION, that includs YOU AND ME. The generation of ADAM had to perform sacrifices because of the sin that they were born into; the generation of CHRST is protected with blood that CHRIST SHEDDED at Calvary. The great event of CHRIST death, ended the era of SIN (death) HIS resurrection was the beggining of the era of LIFE, life ever lasting. Now our souls are not bonded to this body now this body has become just the temple of the WHOLY SPIRIT not part of the WHOLLY SPIRIT. Now our bond with GOD is not through the actions of our bodies, or the thoughts of our mind, Now GOD HIMSELF has taken control of our immortality, through the sacrifice of HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.


  10. It’s wonderful that God always takes us as we are, no matter what. It’s better yet that He doesn’t leave us the way we were when we came to Him. He turns us into “salt and light” as we are growing into His image. Hypocrisy isn’t about being imperfect and flawed. It’s about being insincere and not abiding in Christ. Sincerely seeking God and abiding in Him will cause the fruit of the Holy Spirit to grow in us. Then we will be different from the world. It’s a wonderful provision from God that we desperately need. Bless you, sister. 🙂

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  11. Praise God for his grace and the hospital that is the church! I love your observation, Caroline, that “The church is one big party, a family reunion, a parade and celebration.” Yes, church should be a warm and happy place for sinners to gather and celebrate their Savior. Thank you for your insights, and for becoming a follower of my blog. I am honored and pray you’ll find the posts meaningful!

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  12. I enjoyed reading your post. I understand what you are saying about a church being a collection of sinners. However, the difference between “sinners” in this world, is not who does and doesn’t go to church. Instead, it is between those who know when they sin and seek forgiveness and those who remain in a sinful practice and don’t believe it is wrong. Both kinds are in and outside our churches.

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  13. Caroline, I had to read this blog because the title intrigued me. The church is so full, hypocrites, and every kind of sinner you can think of if we are honest. But if Jesus is truly there, He is also making all things new, redeemed and set free which means me too.Our pastor says “who is the church?” and the answer is “we are”. We may come in with our junk,but by God, grace and in Jesus love, do not need to stay there. . .

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