Christians are the Worst!

Christians are so screwed up that…that they know they are screwed up!  The only difference between a believer and a nonbeliever is that a Christian KNOWS THAT THEY NEED JESUS!  Period.  

Good works do not make someone a Christian. Going to church, serving the community, or reading the Bible does not make someone a Christian. Bowing at the feet of Jesus is the answer. The only answer. 

In fact, look at the Bible, the righteous man, the good man, and the men of the church are condemned. The prostitute begging forgiveness, the sinner in repentance, they are saved. 

Christians, more often than not, are the really big sinners. 

This is not what the world thinks, but it is what Jesus says. 


12 thoughts on “Christians are the Worst!

  1. Amen. It is often the really “good” people who are farthest from God. God reveals himself in humility and meekness. If we already think we’re doing a pretty good job without Jesus, it can be hard to see our need for him. But when we are broken and know we are screwed up, his grace abounds, and we listen ready to do whatever he asks of us, knowing we’re doomed without him.

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  2. The truth is made hypocrisy to tear down the Christian Theology. Unfortunately too many folks in churches have bought in to Religion over Relationship. Too many are trying to earn it instead of receive it freely. And the world thinks it’s about earning, of course it does, because the world is Satan’s kingdom. He is the great deceiver.

    The world calls a Christian a hypocrite, because they have been deceived about Christ’s message, who he was, and what a follower of him should look like. A follower of Christ is a sinner, but a sinner saved by trusting Christ’s work of redemption and growing the heart of Christ, which is a lifetime process, urged on through a grateful heart to Almighty God’s withheld Justice (mercy) and undeserved grace.

    You will know a Christian by his love, not his lack of sin,

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  3. I thought you were going in a completely different direction there! I agree wholeheartedly. A lot of Christians, namely older ones, are very quick to judgement and condemnation, and they forget that God operates out of love. I think a lot of times, as Christians, we get wrapped up in our flesh and act out of our own emotion instead of trying to gain some understanding and humility.

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  4. Good thoughts here C. and truth as well. And because of these jewels from above, the thief would want to break through and steal them from you.

    Yes, the crafty one wears many disguises, and looooooves to twist scripture to his end. Bless ya friend. Keep the faith, after all, it’s precious. πŸ˜‰

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  5. Jesus defined Christianity as those who follow – his specific point was those who pick up his stake and follow him.

    Peter clarifies that we need to dedicate ourselves to God and follow Christ’s footsteps closely – literal Greek rendering is to place one’s feet inside my print.

    Jesus is sinless – so those wanting to follow him know they will fall short (sin – miss the standard) the interesting point is that he expects those who are his followers to acknowledge their sinful condition, accept his counsel, adjust (let the stealer steal no more), repent and beg for forgiveness.

    We can start out as the biggest sinners but as we follow Christ we must put that behaviour behind us. We don’t earn salvation but we also don’t work against it.

    Nice post and the comments led to my response

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  6. How many days I think of myself as the pharisee at the wall thanking God that He did not make me like the tax collector hitting his chest, until I look in the mirror and can see, that I am the tax collector and I want to cry out, “Mea culpa, please have mercy.”

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