Little Happy Dance

Love my doctors at Duke University Hospital. Love. Love. Love. 

I love Dr. Perkins. Brilliant, kind, over the top amazing endocrinologist. She told me she would call me with the results of my biopsy. 

Love to hear the sound of her nurse on the phone. Relief. One day turn around. Breathe. Her nurse’s voice means she did not feel the need for it to be her voice. 

“The results of your biopsy are negative.”

I love Duke. I love even more when I don’t have to go there. 


43 thoughts on “Little Happy Dance

  1. Praise God! So happy for you! Now do the dance of joy πŸ™‚ Did you ever see the show Perfect Strangers? They do the Dance of joy and that is what i first thought of when I saw your post. LOL! God is GOOD!

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  2. I had the same phone call yesterday morning from my Urologist…I had a biopsy last Friday, and was told the results would not be done until Tuesday or Wednesday of this week..The nurse called my wife after I left for work with the same news…funny, how I had the same words flip through my mind…”happy dance”..I really did. Decided to pull a couple of steaks out of the freezer last night to celebrate. I’m excited for you! (and I too love my Dr and his nurse..I like them both) DM

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