The Body of Christ

There is a body of Christ, a family, the church. I want to be a part. I want to do my part. But I want more. I want to give up. I want not less of me, I want none of me. None of me and all of him.

Jesus, be my vision. Take away my eyes. I see this world and I want it. I see and I judge, I lust after beautiful things, I strive for things MY eyes want. Take my eyes and be my vision. Let me see the ugly people that the world ignores. I want to focus on those in need, not in beauty. I want to see the bad attitude as someone hurt, I want to see the addict as someone struggling, and and the weak as those rejected. I want to see evil for what it is: sex trafficking are bodies you made, those aborted are your children, and those taken advantage of, those are my brothers and sisters. Jesus, be my vision.

Holy Spirit, be my ears. I give into flattery. Their words lead me astray. Fancy words entice. Block it out and tune my ears to the cry of those in need. Let me hear your voice that calls me, your words that direct me.

Father God, be my heart. Love through me. I can not. Only you can love those people, my human heart can not. But I want your heart, to love those people that do not deserve it, that do not make it easy. I want to love like you because that is where the transformation is complete. Because if you are my heart and if you love in this heart, then people will see YOU INSTEAD OF ME.


15 thoughts on “The Body of Christ

  1. Beautiful! I read with a tear because I know what you mean.
    I had a dream once that each person was like a lake or small pool, some were full of garbage and the water stank, others clear and fresh. Jesus was coming to bathe in each pool (as He comes to live in our hearts). He came to live in all but some were more pleasant for Him than others. His very presence cleansed the waters in every case. I suspect the waters of your pool are warm and clear.

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