The Secret to Success.

“My love, you are a rose. I stare at your beauty in wonder I can not comprehend. Your kindness and your gentle touch are beautiful movements among the weary. Your virtues and your morals are not to be found in any other place among this earth. I can not compare to your standards. SO, I WANT YOU TO ACCEPT ME AS I AM AND LOVE ME FOR ME. While I sit and watch TV, bring me a beer. I will eat cheeseburgers and candy while you workout and diet on vegetables. But, I am admitting to you that I can never deserve you, so just because I say that, it is enough.”

The philosophy of our culture is: I get to do what I want to do. And I DESERVE to have everything I want.

The secret to success is one word: WORK.

I know, that is a dirty little word. I’m not telling you that you have to do it, but if you want success, that is the answer. Nobody, not even the government, owes you a house, a car, health insurance, a cellphone, or even food.

The American Dream. It means you have the right to work for these things, it does not mean that anyone has to give them to you.

Do you want a relationship with Jesus? Ok. Dangerous ground here. This is the one area where we get something for free: salvation. Period. It is nothing I do. Being good, reading my Bible, serving the poor…these things DO NOT make me a Christian. I am a raging sinner. It is all of Jesus and none of me. SALVATION IS NOT WHAT I AM REFERRING TO HERE. But do you want a close relationship with Jesus? Reread the above dialogue. Do not sit on the couch watching trash and ask Jesus to bring you a beer and expect to come out of it holy and pure. It takes work. Open up God’s word and read it. Attend church, actually listen to the sermon, filter it through the Bible, and apply it to your life.

Decide what you want to do, decide where you want to prosper, and WORK!

Do you want a good marriage? It takes work!

Do you want to raise polite, healthy children? It takes work!

Do you want to be RICH? Work! I’m not saying everyone that works hard is rich but I am saying that everyone that is rich has to work hard. And no one owes you that reward except yourself!

Shame on Christians that we do not stand out from this world! Shame on us that people do not admire and praise, “You have to say one thing about Christians: they are the hardest workers I know! And their marriages, their children, their careers, their service…are proof!”

Here I speak only to myself and other believers, where is our proof?

I am published!  Please click on the link below for more information and to purchase

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17 thoughts on “The Secret to Success.

  1. You wrote: “Attend church, actually listen to the sermon,” Be careful on this advise.
    We are in the season of the Apostate Church. Feel good churches, making you feel better about your sins, and 7 steps to being rich through Christianity – False Churches.
    The Church – The Body of Christ – is starting to move underground and meeting in Christian homes.
    Parts of the Bible are illegal to preach in Canada.
    We can see that so many Bible Based churches are feeling the pressure to conform to ideas like “Chrislam.” Rick Warren and the Pope are selling “peace” through combining all religions.
    Many powerful organizations in America are working to have the Bible named as hate crime against other religions moving together against The Church – working to make their collective church the one world church.
    They get by with their teachings from small churches to mega churches because only 2% of Christians have actually read their Bible. Sad.
    Everything in America is changing – has been changing rapidly. The aim of their propaganda is our young adults and their children. They believe they know true Christianity – and think their brand of Christianity is better than our Bible. I have loved ones who have not studied the Bible tell me they know better than God’s word. Do not be deceived, and do not be the deceiver who loves this world and worldly things above their love for the Lord.

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  2. Congratulations on being published, Caroline! That’s so awesome!

    I am reminded of Matthew 7:20, “By their fruits ye shall know them”. What does this say about many of our peers, and Christians in particular? In the last days, will Christ recognize them?

    Also, there IS some”thing” a Christian must do for salvation, is there not? Christians are asked to believe … a not too simple task at certain times in our lives.

    “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:8-10, emphasis mine)

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  3. Blood. sweat, and tears, A favorite Hymn:
    661 The Christian Life

    1. They cast their nets in Galilee

    just off the hills of brown;

    such happy, simple fisherfolk,

    before the Lord came down.

    2. Contented, peaceful fishermen,

    before they ever knew

    the peace of God that filled their hearts

    brimful, and broke them too.

    3. Young John who trimmed the flapping sail,

    homeless in Patmos died,

    Peter, who hauled the teeming net,

    head-down was crucified.

    4. The peace of God, it is no peace,

    but strife closed in the sod,

    Yet let us pray for but one thing —

    the marvelous peace of God.

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  4. Okay, but you forgot one all-important aspect of work: the possibility of someone hiring you. Without that, you’re pretty much out of luck. You can fill out applications and update your resumes until then, but nothing is going to happen unless your potential employer decides to reach out and give you a bit of help.

    Not working is not necessarily a sign of laziness. Sometimes it’s a sign that the economy is bad, or that you’re just not needed by your potential employer, or that your life generally sucks.

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    • True. Very true. But I would, very humbly, dare to say that it is still out responsibility to work. I know there are several people without opportunity, but even then we must work to change things. Sometimes it is a lot harder work. You are right and I by no means mean to say that those that are poor do not work. I do mean that if there is something we want in life, then we must work. No one owes it to us

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