Proving Jesus

I have a little girl.  There is evidence of her everywhere.  I have scientific evidence, I have a journal that I have kept about her life, there are so many other people that have seen her and know her, the list goes on and on.  But this is not how I prove her.  If I meet someone in the grocery store and tell a story about my daughter, no one asks me to prove her existence scientifically.  I know she exists because I KNOW HER.  I have walked with her and talked with her and served her and I LOVE HER!  I know she exists because I LOVE HER!  I can tell you stories of the funny things she has said, I can tell you about eating popcorn with her, I can tell you about how she brought me coffee in bed when I was sick, I can tell you about the things she has made for me.  People connect emotionally, when I tell someone about my love for my husband, my  daughter, my sister, my dog ….  they connect, because they also have loved.

I know Jesus is real.  There is scientific evidence.  There are journals of eyewitnesses.  Other people saw him.  However, I know that he is real because I have a relationship with him.  I know he exists because I KNOW HIM!  I have walked with him, I have talked with him, I have served him, and I LOVE HIM!  I know he exists because I LOVE HIM!  I can tell you stories of how he has provided for me in the last minute, the things he has made for me, the memories I have of him, the times he has been the only one there for me.  There is evidence of him everywhere.  The list goes on and on, but topping the chart is emotional evidence.  I have a relationship with him.  I don’t have to prove Jesus exists (which can be done) because I KNOW HIM!

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45 thoughts on “Proving Jesus

  1. I love this, just yesterday I was faced with having to tell someone why I stand strong in my faith. This person believes in evolution and the Big Bang theory. I am still new in my faith, but I felt guilty not being able to more eloquently defend my faith. God is so good and he is always there. Thank you for this post!

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  2. Wonderfully written! Jesus is a friend closer than a brother. I bought your book from Amazon, when it was first published, and it is one I will read again and again. You have a unique perspective on life, and you know how to write from your heart.–Refreshing! Thank you!

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  3. I read this to my Mom,we both loved it and thank you!
    Caroline, I agree because I was medically supposed to have died but after my entire family and even some strangers rallied to my side in prayer… many things happened.There are so many stories.Every Doctor that has seen my brain scans looks at me in amazement.They know it’s a miracle and some are suprised I’m alive! There is only one being in the business of miracles 😉 I think you know him.Congratulations on being published too! -xoxo *Leah*

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  4. He exists for you, because you have a relationship with him, but he doesn’t appear to exist for me. Why not? Because I haven’t made the leap of faith that you have. It is irrational to do so, and I can’t see any convincing reason to abandon rationality, but if it makes you happy and fills a need in your life, then that’s great. Can God both exist and not exist simultaneously – why not?

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    • Trust me! I am one daily, hourly raging sinner. Can I suggest a movie? Ragamuffin. It is on netflix. The story of rich Mullins. He was one really screwed up guy. But that is the beauty of the gospel


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