Worrying About Worry

Regrets. I’ve got them. I believe having regrets is actually healthy. It is the first step in growing. They hurt, I don’t like them, but the important thing is to learn from them and move on. When I am in that moment of, “Caroline, you’ve really screwed up now.” I try to change my perspective from “This day sucks” to “I am going to come out of this all the stronger.”

Looking back on my life, I am several different people. Really. I have learned so much I hardly recognize that girl from the past. I wish I could do that thing that has been dreamed of by many many a person: I wish I could go back and give myself some advice. Hmmmm. If I could tell younger Caroline, let’s say teenage Caroline, one thing what would it be? This: DO NOT WORRY! It all turns out great in the end!

I love word studies. Nerdy fact about Caroline. I have a favorite dictionary. Webster’s 1828. Getting really dorky chills just thinking about it. So much knowledge and wisdom in that big thick book. Yes, wisdom. Well, in this age, I have turned to the more modern version of 1828 and I was doing a word study.

Worry. What does that word mean? “To fatigue”. YES! It wears me out! “To tear, to mangle with the teeth.” Yikes! There is a word picture! Nothing good ever comes from worrying! I have never ever looked back and said, “I am so glad that I worried about that! Whew! That worrying really helped me out!”

“Teenage Caroline, You will marry your best friend (and he is super hot!), and you have a daughter, and you will beat cancer! (Girl, you kick ass!), and you will buy a house, and yes! You will drive one day! STOP WORRYING! Get ready! It all works out better than you could have ever dreamed!”

So, if that is what I would say to teenage Caroline, what would 60 year old Caroline say to 33 year old Caroline? STOP WORRYING!!!

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39 thoughts on “Worrying About Worry

  1. Congratulations on the publishing of your book. Also consider publishing on Kindle Amazon KDP and SmashWords, if you can manage to follow their stringent criteria to get it into their official store. Good luck and I enjoy your honest and raw writing.Β 


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  2. What a timely post. I just got finished studying my 30 day devotional and the title was I’m COMING THROUGH Thursday and to follow that with reading your blog was better than any double shot espresso coffee I could order for my morning. Thank you for the post, but more so for the words of wisdom.

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  3. Great advise I think almost any of us would give our silly teenage selves. My daughter is entering the teen years and there are days I want to snuggle in beside her and say “It will get better and your life will be amazing” but she’ll listen about as well as I did when my mom said those words. For now, I’ll snuggle. Thanks for another excellent post.

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    • so so very true! and you are so wise! my daughter is only seven but I feel like it is already like that. there are so many things that she just has to learn for herself, so what will I do? Like you, I will just snuggle and just be there!


  4. Thank you for this Caroline, I have just been telling myself this same thing but I guess hearing it from someone else drove it home. So I’m gonna imagine the 50 year old me telling the current me, ‘relax,its gonna work out better than u even dreamed’. There.

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  5. Thank you for this post. I also have to remind myself when things are going bad that it’s for a reason and I will be stronger because of it, however it is hard sometimes when things just keep happening and worry just hangs over my head on a constant basis. I know the one thing I’d say to my younger self would be to ‘stop worrying!’ πŸ™‚

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  6. So, this was the closest posts I could find. The post you put up (re: having WP issues) was not there. I don’t know what’s going on…is WP getting hacked. Sometimes I’ll go into posts and they won’t be there, but this one was the second one of yours that was not available for viewing..just FYI

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    • Thank you so much for letting me know! I am supposed to be contacted by a wordpress specialist but that hasnt happened yet. I have heard that a lot of people are having troubles today. I hope it is all fixed soon. Thank you for the help!


  7. Hi Caroline, I’m trying to reach you here, because your current page appears to have gotten caught up with several other pages that WordPress seems to think are being run by Spambots, which are robots which take over a site and use it to facilitate high-speed advertising. Why your page would get caught up in this, I’m not really sure, but just a few moments ago, several of the pages that had their service interrupted, had it restored when it was determined that no spambot was being used. So why yours is not yet back up I don’t know, but you should be trying to contact the administrators, as they are the ones who can rectify the situation. It is not a case of you making an error, the problem is that your page is somehow communicating with thousands of other Blogs almost simultaneously, a feat almost impossible for a human being to manage without using a computer program (known as a spambot). It is against the rules of pretty well all social media to use one of these programs, and right now, it seems WordPress appears to be under the impression that you are. This doesn’t help you much I know, but at least you now know what’s happening. Your next step is to get in touch with the same folks who you originally talked to when you opened your account. That’s who you need to talk to.


    • wow. that was an adventure. i am really not sure what or why that happened. but i think i finally got it all fixed. apparently it happened to a lot of people yesterday. i hope everything is up and running fine now. please let me know if you have any more issues! thank you so much for letting me know!


    • Yes! When I taught, the students were required to have this dictionary. That is when I fell in love with webster’s 1828. I have seen them sold on Amazon or directly from the website. They are usually sold for around $50. I found mine at a used bookstore for $7. It was a great day 😊 it is the only webster’s dictionary written by Webster himself and almost every definition has a Bible verse. Beautiful definitions!

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  8. Thanks for the information. I think I could really enjoy having one of those too. I think it’s so special that every definition has a Bible verse. It sure shows how far we have fallen as a society as well. 😦 Have a great week-end, Caroline.

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