I Might Embarrass You

It doesn’t take long for me to come up with examples to prove this:

James and I brought Madison and a friend to a public playground. The two of them go running through the equipment and then suddenly stop. Blank, embarrassed stares tells the watching Momma that something has blocked their path. I step up just in time to see two teenagers making out. The guy looks up at my kid and says, “Go away.” Momma Bear steps in, “Excuse me, are you serious? You are at a playground, a playground. What are you doing? Get down from there. Move out of the way and let the kids play…now!” He apologizes, climbs down, and then I strike up a conversation with the poor girl that is giving away her kisses (and probably lots more) to an immature teenager that probably doesn’t even drive yet.

James, Madison, Nana, and I are about to set sail on a fairy boat. I realize I am not as prepared as I would like to be. Before departure, I hit up the gift shop looking for something that I can’t find. I spot the only two workers, a male and a female chatting in the corner. I walk up to the woman, hoping he will step aside and let me talk to her. He doesn’t. “Can I just?” I try to motion that I would like a little privacy. He continues to prove that he is going to be in this conversation. His eyes are big. His head is tilted to the side. And he is offended that I want to leave him out. So I don’t. I turn to face him and ask him politely as I look straight into his eyes, “Do you sell tampons here?” Immediately he backs away and let’s the woman assist me.

Oh. The list goes on and on. And if I was reading this to you, you would hear my southern accent explain that that list goes “own and own.” I have lost the line! I do not get embarrassed any more! I am shocked and horrified to think of the things I might say and do! So, this post is a WARNING, if you know me, or I meet you in a coffee shop one day, I am that person. It is very likely that I might embarrass you.


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36 thoughts on “I Might Embarrass You

  1. You are a truth speaker. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s only something wrong with thinking that we should speak other than truth. Crosses–such as cancer–help us distill what is important. And truth is very, very important. So speak it sister! You won’t embarrass me!

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  2. There’s nothing wrong in taking action. Once, in a long line at a family venue, I saw a tampon outside it’s wrapper on the ground. I got a tissue to pick it up and toss in the trash and my two young kids (9 and 12) physically held me back from doing so. Now, wished I’d shaken them off as I


  3. This post rocks … seriously rocks … and MEGA-Congratulations for getting published! What an achievement. This post taps something inside, as I consider the sense of authenticity at the core of your post. At times there is an expectation in our society that we not do anything to embarrass anyone / make anyone uncomfortable. That is understandable, but at times, it is unavoidable (like at the playground).

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  4. Hi Caroline,

    Waving to you from Texas! I think its horrid that people have an ounce of common sense or decency. As I’ve gotten older I’m getting to the point that I don’t care if I offend someone. Let me add, I do analyze the situation and if by saying something will get others or myself hurt. I do the next best thing if I can. The Stare. Sometimes it works. With more practice I should get really good at it.

    Love this post!


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  5. Yay for you! It’s amazing how brave we can get when sticking up for our kids!
    As I get older, I also find it easier to say and do things without worrying about what others will think. Usually they are goofy..;-) My kids have lots of stories about me embarrassing them in public, but I have as many about the embarrassing things they did when they were younger……good thing we all have a healthy sense of humor.

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