Inspiration for 2015

Write and toss. Write and toss. The formation of words on paper. My heart overflows and my mouth is broken. My first cries from my mother’s womb were for pen and paper. I had to get out what as bubbling here in my heart. I scribbled it out and admired my masterpiece. Then I screamed, my bleeding heart was laying there for anyone to read. I destroyed my own words.

My life continued with my secret, my love, my escape. I did not think it was anything of value, just a way for me to process. Marriage. Baby. Dreams accomplished. My life. Normal day was occurring. My husband held an old high school writing in his hands, “You should write.” It was the first time I had heard these words. I blushed and jumped up and down and dreamed and hugged him. I sat down with an old fashioned pen and paper and began a journey. I furiously wrote and edited and cautiously shared. Two and a half years later, “Spiritual Flesh and Blood” was born. I wrote a novel. The first writing I intended to share.

It began, queries, queries, and more queries. I talked to agent after agent and got the same response, “I like it. I like it a lot, but you have no platform. You need a platform.” A year later, I decided to start a blog about something I had never shared before: ME.

After one month, my blog, “Beautiful Life with Cancer” claimed 2,500 followers. Four and a half months later, I am still growing and totaling almost 9,000 followers. THANK YOU! You are my platform and YOU made it possible for me to publish my first book “Beautiful Life with Cancer, Hope During the Hard Times” soon followed by my first novel, “Spiritual Flesh and Blood”

This is a shameless promo. I have learned there are thing in my life that I am not so good at, things I will never be able to do, and there are things where I succeed and I rise above others in my accomplishments. I AM A WRITER. If you have enjoyed my blog, Beautiful Life with Cancer, please click on the link below for more information and to purchase “Spiritual Flesh and Blood.” My favorite chapters are the first and last. The story is dramatic and inspirational. Read my debut novel and I, the author, would love to discuss it with you. THANK YOU!


8 thoughts on “Inspiration for 2015

  1. Caroline, you are a very gifted writer. You have such a beautiful way of expressing things, using words in unique ways that speak for all of us in our joys and in our struggles. I bought your book on Kindle and read it. I have some specific comments – may I email you directly with these?

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