Expecting Faith

The smell of the donkey rose to my nostrils the entire day so that I did not pay it attention anymore.  His prickly, thick, coarse hair rubbed my legs, even through my long robe.  The road was bumpy, we had traveled the entire day.  My lower back ached from pregnancy.  Pregnancy.  I was pregnant.  No doubt about that!  Every bump seemed that it would bring the new babe into this world.  I looked up and smiled at my companion.  Walking slowly and patiently beside me, never complaining, leading the donkey, and carrying another bag of supplies in his other hand.  Such faith.  He had so much faith to just believe the things that I told him.  My heart was overflowing with thankfulness for the man that walked by my side.  Placing my hand under my large belly and gently rubbing, I was lost in thought.  It was worship.  Worship for the God that grew in my belly.


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