Bloated Fingers

Quickly moving. Thoughtlessly? Or full of thought? My mind empties and pours out. Work that must be released. But thoughts in my head that I did not put there. The exercise of writing. Quick, intense, aerobic movement of my hands. Tired upon completion. In shape, fit, healthy mind that has been worked.

As life has it, going, going on. No time to stop and care for my hands. Other things call. The bloat, puff up, grow fat. Aching, unhealthy mind. Full of ideas pleading to get out. STOP! Pause it all! As the world rushes in fast forward around me, I must exercise. A writing exercise.


12 thoughts on “Bloated Fingers

  1. I wonder what currents are rippling through the collective unconscious today? Yours is the third post on this theme that I have seen this morning. You and me and several others seem to be wrestling with this sense of drinking from the firehose but only managing to capture but few drops.

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