Yep, She’s Mine


Puh lease!  Talk about instant melt!  This is a memory of last year’s Christmas.  My girl was 6 and this was the tag on a Christmas present for her Daddy and I.  Can you say future poet?!  I’m a mom.  I’m proud. What can I say?

Happy December!


34 thoughts on “Yep, She’s Mine

  1. Hey! Thank you for following my blog. I do check out any new follower, but I have to say when I read your bio it was the first time it triggered a reaction in me that was so strong I gasped. I read it, sat back in this chair and stared at the screen for a while. I can only describe it as boundless joy. First I read ‘child of God’ and ‘wife’, ‘daughter’, etc (all nice, of course, but none of that made me react beyond thinking “oohhh what a nice lady”). Then I got to you saying you have this cancer. And then the line that hit me right in the heart, about leading a beautiful life. It put the biggest smile on my face and I felt such joy and admiration, despite the serious and very real, hard hitting theme. This wasn’t a case of a cleverly strung together bio (although it was beautifully put – not saying otherwise). This was reading truthful, real, heartfelt words that held pain and hardship yet showed me the very essence of beauty: the ability to feel gratitude and faith in what might at times seem like mysterious ways. So sign me up (well, I signed myself up!), you have a huge fan in me. Big hugs! Anna x

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  2. Those are without a doubt the absolute “bestest” gifts any proud parent can get from their children aren’t they. How do you package innocence? Thanks for sharing that. It was much appreciated. Merry Christmas.

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  3. Hello Caroline.
    I am reminded of the tune by Neil Diamond–’nuff said. “Yep, She’s Mine” is poetry in motion; motion of the soul, spirit, and all the attributes of simplicity, profoundness, and Godly heritage. Something as you so aptly stated; never duplicated, always . . . always unique. We were known to Him in the womb. Every breath to breathe, every hair numbered, every thought imaginable to the finite human mind, even the sin nature that is abolished, forgotten for eternity, with a repentant and contrite heart, confession made with the mouth of His majesty and glory, and accepting the “free” gift of eternal life; not of works, lest any man should boast. I therefore, boast of His grace, forgiveness, love found in agape, not human effort–as we are incapable of such unconditional favor towards anyone, or anything. God bless you Caroline. Your life and those that you touch with your words; as I can attest to that beautiful fact while still breathing those breaths.
    Thanks for the follow. Maybe, I’ll post something there?


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  4. I dropped back in to let you know that I have an award for you, but it’s time-sensitive, Jan.5th, so I’ll be sending you the particulars sometime next week, which will give you a whole three weeks to consider your one-time submission should you choose to accept your selection. My own submission is slated for Dec.29th. I already commented on this post of yours, but I don’t mind saying again that I really liked it. Read you later, and God bless.

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