I need you.  Early when I wake in the morning, I want to rise for no one but you.

When I look in the mirror and find fault with what I see, remind me that you made me.

Others demand and complain of my work, consume me with love and patience.

I need you Jesus.  I need you always.  From early in the morning until always.  I need you.

The day is demanding.  I do not cross off my list, I add.  But this list is not your’s, is it?

You beckon to me, remind me of your love, and summon me to a purpose.

I take her by the hand.  I let the duties be.  I fall into Jesus and she smiles at me.

Reading a book about lizards, a board game on the living room floor, a game of her choice.

I need you Jesus.  I need you always.  And when I give me up, you bless me incessantly.


18 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. Children have always been my blessed view of Christ’s face! Now it is my grandchildren, how I long to live on the floor with them again – without falling to get there! Life was meant to be lived on their level with the cat and dog the joyous puppy piles on the floor watching movies with the dog scrambling for dropped popcorn! enjoy heaven while you have it!

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