The Impossible is Happening

All the lonely people gather here.

The worst of sinners welcome.

Sick people stand in line.  Deaf and dumb and blind.

Do not listen if you are rich.

Do not bother if you are wise.

The talented, the healthy, and the beautiful.

No need for your attendance.

He has come for those in need.

Those that have no home.

If you find yourself low and despicable, hated, and odd.

He’s come to do the impossible.

Bow on your knees.  And run to the son of God.



34 thoughts on “The Impossible is Happening

  1. Hello beautiful, I woke early to get ready for sending my two young boys off to school and saw that you have decided to follow my blog. I instantly went to your blog and read your latest addition and it bought back memories of when I was 10 years old (now 46) and remembering my very sick grandmother, who had two mastectomies, but still still dying as those operations didn’t work.

    I never went to her funeral. I was the only one that stayed back at her home, all by myself. I wasn’t told I had to go, which was good, as I wanted to remember her as I loved her, baking, watching Young and the Restless and her religious drinking on a Sunday while baking pies and singing Country and Western songs.

    She was never scared of anything; but I was scared of seeing her die. Now I’m about to cry. But thank you all the same, you clearly do wonderful things for people in your community, physically and online. 🙂

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  2. I have enjoyed your optimism and it is a joy to see that people do not treat those with Cancer as leapers any more. When I was told I had the dreadful C, I lost my wife my sons and family. I sat upon a mountain in the cold of night wondering and asking God when would I again enjoy my life,, soon is all I heard one simple and stunning word soon..
    My children gone taken from me taught that I was evil, oh how sad that my ex could not deal with my illness, but her words were true, I asked why and what and she said its not you its me then this woman who care for the elderly turned and left me to die.
    But God sent me an angel when I hit the lowest point and she has been my friend and confident my wife these twenty one plus years.
    So when I see so many speaking positive of cancer and survivor’s I must point out that sometimes people are not so happy when you live for they must make up stories to cover up the things they’ve done their lies and all the harm , they must in some way shift the blame and shame onto the one who lived the one they turn their back on. yes they were all one and all Christians one and all but they forgot the reason the commission to care for the sick the poor the elderly. so to them here I say I forgive and forgave you now go my friends and do the same fiorgive youselves and have a joyful life. For I am ……


  3. Hi Caroline! I’m a fan of great, short, inspirational writing and so am always drawn to your work – it is so readable/accessible!…. Can we invite the materially rich, but poor in spirit though…think that might include quite a lot of us……

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