The Deepness

Inside me there is a place I hide.  It is dark and evil.  It slaps the face of those in need.  It stabs the back of those who love me.  It is cold and torturing.

But there is good.  There is right.  When all the evil and all the world tell me to help myself, I choose to give my coat to a beggar.  Now she has a glimmer of hope.  Now she has been empowered.

It is here.  It is here I find peace in my world.  Laughter until I cry, a tender kiss on the cheek filled with love and commitment.  Peace, contentment, and happiness that overwhelm me.  This good in me wins.  It over shines and overpowers dark.

When right is chosen, all the powers of evil shrivel and crawl away.  There is victory.  There is a meaning and a purpose for humanity.  Here, God smiles.

Not all chose here.  There is evil.  There is hate and pain and fear.  There is war.  There is a fierce clash of good and evil.  There is a spiritual war.  This is my personal spiritual war with my personal spirits.


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