If Caroline was Paul

I, Caroline, send grace and peace to you from God our Father.

I thank my God every time I think about James, Madison, my family, Madison’s school, friends from my blog, and my church.  I am so thankful that they know God and love him.  I am sure that he has great plans for your lives!

I know that having cancer is so that I can serve God.  Look at how many friends it has brought me and how it has given me a message to share the love of Christ.  I am not afraid any more for my health.

There are so many people in the church that are hypocrites and judgmental and they drive me crazy!  But I need to love them and realize that God is working in them also.

This life is so amazing!  I am so thankful for all the blessings that Christ has given to me!  And I am not afraid to die.  Even that fear has been taken away from me.  But I am sure that I still have many more years on this earth.  Whatever happens, let’s always stand firm with each other in Christ.

Look at what Christ did.  He was God and he came to the earth.  Come on, Caroline, can’t you be humble?!  Stop complaining Caroline, remember what Jesus has done for you!  If I have any talents, or anything to brag about, it is nothing when compared to what I have in Christ.

Follow my example and love Christ.  Do not turn away and serve this world.  I love you all so much!  Rejoice in the Lord so that those around you will see you rejoice and they also will turn to God.  Do not stress, pray about it.  Be thankful for what you have.  And God will give you peace.  It will not make sense the amazing peace that he will give you.  Think about all the good things that Jesus has given you.  Focus on your blessings and then you will not worry so much.  I have learned to be happy in health and I have learned to be happy with cancer.  It is a true joy that comes with contentment through him that gives me strength.  It is good for me to share my struggles, because it will strengthen you also.

All the glory goes to God!  Amen!

I am not Paul.  That is who I wish to be like.  I wish to say these things one day.  I may have made some of you laugh because I am so far from who I want to be.  I can sympathize more with the saying that what I do not want to do, I do, and what I do want to do, I do not do.  But I like to take the Bible and put it into my own words and apply it to my own life.  Philippians is my favorite chapter of the book.  I want to be more like Paul.  I want to be more like Jesus.


58 thoughts on “If Caroline was Paul

  1. love. love. what a great reminder! Also, I feel like it’s really overwhelming sometimes when we think of “being Christ like” because His shoes are much to fill. But, starting out wanting to be like Paul is a good start, you know?

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    • it is so so true! “be perfect” ahhh! too much! and then i realize, oh! these people in the Bible, that God used in really big ways, they really messed up big time! oh, ok! you do not expect me to be perfect. and you still love me? Wow! …..ok, caroline, let’s start here. let’s look at Paul.

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  2. I’ve got a scare going on right now, so I am not sure if you liking my blog was meant to be. Ironic nevertheless. Brave words in light of your current situation and an even bigger proclamation of faith. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle and most people can handle a lot more than they realize. I pray for healing on you Caroline. God bless!

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    • i pray it all goes well for you and that is all it is, a scare. but if not, if it turns out to be the worse possible situation, i hope it brings you hope that i have been in the worst possible situation and i have made it through to the other side. you are right, God does not give us more than we can handle. And he is always with us through the whole entire incident.

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  3. I am not a believer, but your faith and the strength you draw from it resonate with me. We need to cherish each moment, even the hard times, because they are the times when we see things with a clarity not often given to others. We see the things in this life that really matter, and peel away all the junk that stands in the way of us truly being alive. Blessings to you.


  4. Great thoughts Caroline! While I have not had cancer, I did care for my wife during her cancer journey. The experience as a caregiver to a cancer patient gave me a new filter in which to view life. God taught me many things along this very rough road. I can see that you too are now seeing life through this new filter. Life is too short not to have joy in everything we do. I hope and will pray you win your battle against cancer. Patrick


  5. Without fear Their would be No Life among us people on Earth, this is the ‘Love of Life’, fear of Death, God is Great, either we deny of him in existence or Be it he lives so, he is the only with the Right and Power to Judge us.. No matter what health we hold, Mother nature, is on a return Voyage yet to leave her Print Behind, so i wouldn’t be surprised if she returns some day soon with Natures way of Cycle, this is normal and bound to happen.
    Yes you are Right about Church-Hypocrites., Not knowing which way to go, but to wash their Sins, as Hypocrites have Sinned, in fear that God in Vengeance as he is Great, holding the Strength in Power to Condemn.(Though in ‘Belief’, the children of god seek his forgiveness, and are washed Clean) as God Loves all his children.- then leave Church cursing one another again..
    Make the Most of the time we have left on Earth, as we are uncertain of how much of it is Left, for any of us- Inevitable.
    We have been Granted this life on Earth, and i can say i lived mine Great, a little stressed and painful scars, but no matter how deep i suffered into my Journey, it had all been one experience, and knowledge is the Art of Limitation; I learn to preach that their are more serious matters than mine, and i should be thankful for what i have at this moment, and the Life i live is great..

    I Love your Spirit, Speech of Strength.. Cherish the Moments..

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  6. So beautifully written, and straight from the heart. What most of us forget is that, no matter what our health is like, we are all going to see Jesus someday, and He is all that really matters. I love it that you are not wasting the opportunity that cancer will provide you to bring comfort and encouragement to others who are enduring the same fiery trial you are going through. Caroline, you are being refined in the fire of affliction and you will come out pure as gold and precious in His sight.

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  7. Thank you for being courageous enough to expose your heart for all to see and allow the Lord to use you to reach others. His grace is sufficient. And He can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think. I’ve seen miracles and I’ve also been through chemo. He’s there through it all. God bless you, sister.


  8. Thank you Caroline! It has given me a lot to think about. I also love the verse you quoted at the end. My daily struggle at the moment. But with God all things are possible. He will help us achieve what we cannot do. Stay strong x

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  9. Caroline, your post brought tears to my eyes. Every follower of Christ should have such a testimony and such a fervent desire to live the abundant life that Jesus promised. I pray that you will have many years on this earth in order to continue to be used of Father. God bless you!

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  10. I am touched and inspired by your expressions of faith! I am often quiet or silent about my beliefs because such openness makes me feel vulnerable to the judgements of others 🙂
    I admire your courage in life, love, and faith. I will embrace the gifts of the day more fully having reflected on your post 🙂

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  11. I love it. Mama bear ready to attack, in a nanosecond transformed into a loving creature. Goodness, then the feeling when you step away, and realize your heart in in your throat, and the adrenaline coursing through your veins is making your hands shake.

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  12. Absolutely loved this. You recently started following me and I thought it was because I just posted about religion. Then I realized, that particular post was on a different blog. So all I have to say is I love your writing, and your faith! And Madison’s description of how she got out of her crib! Thank you for writing this.

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  13. I’m so grateful I stumbled upon your blog! It’s so inspirational! I really admire you, and your loved ones for being strong and looking at it through a positive perspective. See, I lost my mom to cancer 9 years ago so this topic really hits my soft spot. Continue fighting!!

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  14. Simple…like the way a child shares truth, Truthful… as it talks about the Word, Sincere…in your acknowledging that you cannot ‘be’ by yourself except through Christ. For sharing this WORD, I love and I also desire to be like Jesus more.

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  15. You write with so much passion. I love reading your posts. As a cancer survivor my self at least for one year so far, I enjoy encouraging messages that let people know rolling over and giving up while we are still living is not an option. Positive thoughts to you.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I would not have found you and got to read your story if you had not been outreaching to others with cancer.

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  16. Well, Caroline, you did it again!! Thanks for your inspiring testimony.

    It just so happens that I received some information today from a respected health website I subscribe to about an AMAZING cancer cure that comes straight out the Bible. It is reported that a tincture from the “crown of thorns” has been used in the past with excellent results and has now been rediscovered, with unheard cure rates for the mostly deadly of forms of cancer.

    You can click on this website http://www.healthrevelations.net/NHE-Preroll-Transcript/?pco=E6DDQBBY&efo=HRV140916A&xco=X6DDQBBY/?email&a=2&o=176913&s=190141&u=6754602&l=410605&r=MC&g=102 and take a look-see if you want, and of course, there is no risk involved if you are not completely satisfied.

    Keep those Posts coming! Until later.


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