My Little Barista

In the early a.m., there was a sweet little voice whispering, “Mommy” and a gentle little nudge. My Little Pony jammies and messy hair smiled back at me. Little girl hands proudly offered up a fresh mug of coffee. I am so overwhelmed by the joy I feel in what should be a hard time of recovery.


27 thoughts on “My Little Barista

  1. Oh! My heart leapt at sweet leeetle Madison! I know you grabbed that sweet baby and pulled her into the bed with you. Or, since you are recovering, just asked her to crawl in. Love those sweet thoughtful babes! Eat up every minute.
    Love, peace and blessings to you and your family, sweet sister. πŸ˜‰


  2. So precious and cute! I know what you mean about finding joy, even though you feel so tired and unwell. This time last year I was in the middle of chemo and feeling extremely unwell, yet found so much peace and joy sitting on my verandah watching spring unfold in my garden. The daffodils are a blaze of colour again at the moment, and yet I’m having to force myself to stop running around and to sit and enjoy them.
    I hope you feel better soon and all goes well with recovery. x


  3. A very lovely statements coming from her, Very perishes indeed πŸ™‚
    I had to stop in and say thank you for your fallowing of my blog. Your site has a nice warmth to it dealing with the subject mater that your dealing with. I’ll be stopping in time to time. God speed πŸ™‚


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